Body Worship

Vinyl Queen and a slave on a leash

So you want to know what Body Worship means. In general terms, it is giving attention to a part or parts of my anatomy to please and relax me. It DOES NOT mean that you are allowed sexual contact. Body Worship usually is designated by the area that is involved, meaning, if a submissive is interested in feet, he is going to mention Foot Worship. This does not mean that you are allowed to worship whatever portion of my anatomy that you choose. I DO NOT allow breast worship, so don't even bother asking. Foot, leg, and hand worship are what I allow for new submissives.

These types of scenes usually take place in a more relaxed setting than the more intense S M type behaviors--as described on my Interests page. I also can be as verbally dominating or as nurturing as the submissive communicates to me. I have found that some slaves are just looking to give a pair of beautiful feet special attention while others are into strict verbal instruction and dominance. Be as specific as you need to be when contacting me: If seamed stockings in a closed-toe pump are what turn you on, then tell me so. If sweaty, bare feet are what rock your boat, I need to know. I think you get the picture. If you'd like to see some examples of my feet and legs in shoes and bare, click HERE.