Corporal Discipline

Vinyl Queen beating a slave.

Corporal discipline is the name of a category of activities that involve hitting the body in a percussive manner. Caning, spanking, and paddling are just a few of these. My past experience in various sports has given me an impeccable aim with various implements. I pride myself on being able to pick a spot on a submissive's body, and then work consistently within that area. Even if a submissive thinks that he "isn't into pain," I believe he should try something in this category at least once. With the proper warm up, even the most tender bottom or back will become primed for the slap of a hand or the smack of a riding crop.

These types of activities can take place under many different contexts. I will tie you down and make you feel helpless before I work you over, or I will demand that you bend over and grab your ankles while I administer your discipline. My demeanor is something else that is flexible for these scenes. I can be the demanding Mistress who wants you to take pain for her in the name of devotion, or I can be the sensual Dominant who teases you into believing you can take more sensation than you ever imagined.