Couples & Women

Vinyl Queen with a special female friend.

I love to see women for a variety of sessions. I feel I can offer a different point of view as I am familiar with how our bodies respond. I also have a fully equipped dungeon where more intricate role-playing scenarios can take place. It's so much better than fooling around in a bedroom...I encourage curious women to contact me directly via phone or email if they have any questions regarding their fantasies. I know I can be of help. Couples are some of my favorite clients. The amount of variation that is possible with two people participating in a scene is phenomenal. I can either train a wife or girlfriend to dominate her partner, or I can do the same for the male dominant and his significant other. If one half of the couple wishes to be an innocent bystander during a session, that is also possible. Voyeurs can have a great time just kicking back in the dungeon while I torment their partner mercilessly. If you are a member of a couple, feel free to contact me about an appointment. However, before I will see you and your partner, I will need to confer with the BOTH of you in order for our time together to be a success.