Custom Videos

ToespreadswithVQ from VQ on Vimeo.

If you've ever sat and watched a BDSM video and been unhappy with the image quality, audio, or content and wondered WHERE you were going to find your fantasy acted out, then custom video production might be the avenue to explore. Maybe you consider your interest to be even more "bizarre" then the content you have seen for sale. Maybe it's actually tamer than the heavy corporal and discipline titles out there.

The clip above is an example of a custom request that I received from a fan. It's been shortened for size, but the idea is apparent: I brought his idea to life for personal viewing. Whatever your particular kink is, I suggest that you contact me about producing a high-quality clip for your personal consumption. Of course I do have my limits so I recommend you email me directly about what you'd like to see on the small screen.

Don't take MY word for what I can do. You can always check out my Clip Store/ DVD Store for yourself how I look on camera and a bit of my editing talent.