Two heads are better than one they say...That's why double Mistress sessions can be so mind-blowing. While I'm restraining you, she is either doing something else to you, or telling me what else she has in mind. You become our toy and plaything. We become your worst nightmare or your favorite ecstatic memory. The women listed below are those I consider to be Domina allies. We have proven chemsitry and have known each other for years. It's only through these types of bonds that a double domination session can truly be successful.

Double Mistress sessions are available with following local and international Pro Dommes:

Domina Yuki

You can see us together in Oakland at Blackthorn or at her location in San Francisco. We have great synergy and your torment is our pleasure.

Mistress Shane

Mistress Shane and I are available in her new location of New York City. Our doubles are legendary and be viewed in our clips store for a taste of what you can experience.

Mistress Mara Mayhem

Mistress Mara Mayhem and I tour annually. We visit various cities in the US and abroad. Our recent travels have taken us to New Orleans and Detroit. We plan on visiting Washington, D.C. (March 2018) and London (September 2018) next.