Extended Sessions

Vinyl Queen and a caged female slave.

Extended/overnight sessions have taken on new life in the recent past. After closing my studio in San Francisco (2016), I transitioned to renting in Oakland, CA. The space known as Blackthorn is perfectly suited for overnight time with your Domina. Multiple rooms add to the fantasy of being kept in a Lady's chamber. From a few hours, to multiple days--how long can you last under my tutelage?

Blackthorn Room Gallery

Extended sessions usually incorporate a period of time where I am actively participating with you in your torture and torment, and then a duration where you are secluded from my attention. I insure your safety via various monitoring methods while I am in other rooms location.

Fees vary for these types of scenarios based on their complexity and the amount of active participation on my part. A deposit is mandatory for all sessions of this nature.