Vinyl Queen waits for you in a darkened hallway.

Interrogation scenes intrigue many players. Novices want to know what they are, and experienced players want to see if I can "break" them. The premise of this type of scene is heavily based on role-playing. This can range from the classical prisoner of war being interrogated by the enemy officer, to a corporate executive questioning the competition's lowly messenger for proprietary information. No matter what roles we decide to play, I will be trying to extract some sort of information from you. I try to have these facts agreed upon prior to the session so that there is SOMETHING I can extract from you. What is the point of interrogating someone if I am not aware of what you do and do not know? We can make these facts something silly such as the correct wording to "I'm a Little Tea Pot," or you can send me information on the names of all of your ex-girlfriends and what you did with them. I will KNOW when you are holding back, or if you have made a mistake in your recitation.

What is the punishment for withholding information or giving incorrect answers? As with any scene, we agree prior to your session about what you want to experience and what is off-limits. Corporal discipline and CBT are two of the most effective forms of getting a prisoner to give me any information I want, but teasing and denial are also effective techniques for those who can't bear any marks from their trials with me. It's amazing how the soft caress of a gloved hand across a naked chest can "convince" someone to tell me their most sacred secrets.

Of course bondage is an integral part to any interrogation scene.You ARE supposed to be in my presence against your will. I wouldn't want to you to try and leave when my back was turned...