Piercing and Cutting

Vinyl Queen cuts a slave with a scalpel.

When I mention the word piercing to the average kinkster, they usually immediately become squeamish and associate it with lots of blood spurting all over the place. Temporary piercing is far from that type of play. It is a precision torture that is usually more psychologically ion. The ACT of temporary piercing is ALWAYS much easier than the thought. I know this because I've seen many fearful clients breathe sighs of relief at how little pain they experienced when all was said and done.

I usually reserve temporary piercing for the nipples and genitals, but it can happen just about anywhere I can "find a fold" to stick a needle in. I have a variety of needle gauges (widths) to choose from if you aren't challenged by those you've experienced in the past. Of course, I am impeccable in my cleanliness in the process of piercing anyone who sees me.

Cutting is definitely more advanced than temporary piercing. If you have a couple of needles put into your nipples, there will be very few marks. If you were to experience a cutting from me, than marking IS the point. I don't engage in this type of play with ANYONE the first time in my dungeon so let's get to know each other and then we can discuss the particulars of wearing my mark.