Slut Training

Vinyl Queen's slave makes out with a blow up doll.

Since there are so many sluts out there, it's high time I dedicated a page of my interests JUST for you. And for those of you who don't know what slut training is, this is exactly where you should be.

I define slut training as teaching someone how to look, act, and perform like a female who lacks a sense of discrimination when choosing her sexual partners. In other words, she doesn't care with whom she is intimate with, and acts and dresses accordingly. In our society, we consider sluts to dress provocatively, often with a tacky flair, and to be very forward with their obvious desire for sex. I have found that most men are sluts at heart and dressing them up merely completes what they already know about themselves. I merely demonstrate a different way to express these feelings.

Slut training does not guarantee anal penetration. It DOES guarantee that I will dress you up as a tart, verbally humiliate you for looking as such, and discuss your sexual fantasies while you are restrained. I also might teach you how to dance and walk for me to show off your "goods." Well-behaved sluts who follow my direction might be rewarded with wrapping their lips around one of my large dildos. REALLY good sluts will see and touch it while it's strapped around my hips in an harness. Anal penetration is not a guarantee for first time visitors. Anal strap-on play is NOT a submissive act. It is kinky sex and I don't provide it upon request. It's something I might do with those who have earned the privilege. You need to do your best to convince me you are worthy via cleanliness, references, and the like.