Webcam Sessions

15 minute webcam sessions are $50. Longer increments are available as well.

Payment methods are via tribute on Niteflirt:

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Amazon Gift Certificate to my email: mistressvinylqueen(at)gmail(dot)com  

Have you ever wanted to see a Mistress while you spoke to her on the phone? Maybe you've considered making a chat session a bit more interactive? Webcam sessions are the answer to your needs. You can either watch me, or I can watch YOU and you can view my reactions on my cam. Once you have sent your payment, you can book an appointment with me. I conduct my webcam sessions via Skype. My username is provided once the details for our session is set.

I have an HD webcam with built in mic that has amazing resolution. I also have a cable internet connection with 16 ms of ping, 100 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up.

You need to make sure that I will be available during the time slot that you want your webcam session. Have three possible dates and times in mind.