Vinyl Queen whips a slave with her bullwhip.

Whipping refers to a specific form of corporal discipline. There are two different forms if this type of behavior. This distinction depends on what type of item I am using on you. If I choose a whip that has many pieces of leather held together at the base of the handle, then I am going to be flogging you. If I use a whip that has only one braided piece of leather then I am single-tailing you. These types of actions are often confused when someone uses the term "whipping."

Flogging is one of the best activities for a submissive who wants a lot of sensation but can't be marked. If I use floggers that are made of softer materials, such as deer-skin, then the submissive will be able to remain on the whipping post for an extended period of time and not receive more than some surface redness. Of course, there are heavier floggers that can be utilized. Part of the fun is working up to this stage during a scene. My favorite type of flogger is the Bitchy Whip that Sarah Lashes makes. It is constructed of oiled leather and can give quite a bite to the flesh.

Single-tailing is only for more advanced players. Most people think of the classic 8 ft. bullwhip when someone mentions this form of discipline to them. I can not use this length of whip in my dungeon since the room isn't large enough to accommodate its radius. Instead, I employ smaller single whips in the 3-6 ft range. I can mediate the sensation from these items to be a slight kiss of the tail across your back, to an intense bite that leaves a red welt. Once again, I will reiterate the I will only partake in this behavior with experienced players who want to have their limits pushed.