Vinyl Queen and a slave on a leash

So you think you have a fetish? Do you even know what a fetish really is? My definition of a fetish is an object (shoes, boots, gloves) or body part (feet, hands, hair) that needs to be present and focused on in order for sexual fulfillment to take place. Fetishes can also be thought of to as accutrements to the arousal process. I deal with many different types of fetishes on a regular basis. Some are about artificial additions to the female body that accentuate secondary sex characteristics:

long nails
high heels (shoes & boots)
latex clothing
leather clothing
glamour makeup.

Others deal with portions of the female anatomy as a focal point:


Whatever your particular fetish might be, please let me know ahead of time so that I can construct our time together with it in mind.

As always, be polite and respectful when contacting me about your fetish and I'll give you an honest response . I understand that many men with fetishes aren't necessarily submissive. That doesn't mean you can't display proper manners.